Sunday, 28 June 2009


Yeah those corridors. Those bastards are hard to get right. In Agduria I have invented something that works better than in Kaduria, but then again Kaduria has different style of room creation. With pathfinding I can nail it for quite sure, because the problem is mainly in finding the proper entry location for corridors. I'm also using the closest room -routine to determine which rooms should be connected, but that's also creating a set of disconnected rooms. I have solve that one for Kaduria, too.

I wouldn't want to change room creation something like Agduria has, because I try very hard to avoid large scale re-factoring. It's better go with what you created and try to make it work than re-write large parts of the source code.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

New game objects

Programming some missing stuff left from the change where lots of terrain tiles were transformed to game objects. I really hope it is the last big refactoring to be done. I want to get a detailed game world with lots of interaction with game objects. I think game world and exploration is more important to me than combat and improving the character, in other words the tactical area of a roguelike. Kaduria is going to be a "sandbox" style game, where you can do other things than just whack creatures.

I think a game where killing is optional could be nice. Usually you kill creatures to get experience and then become able to kill bigger monsters, but Kaduria doesn't have experience points...