Saturday, 13 March 2021

Dungeon update

Or is it an update from a dungeon. The terrain rewrite was not that difficult after all, but the terrain object spawning doesn't work yet. However the engine is good enough to not care about that. I think the rewrite was worth it, because everything seems to work better just like that.

While the RPG system is still causing problems I've decided to at least finish the dungeon generation. The main problem is the unorganized complexity which I'm cleaning up. Then after that it's simply the design: what stuff to put in what level themes. You would think that roguelikes as "randomly" generated games don't need level design, but nothing could be less true than that. In a way there is more work and more design thought put into a level than in static level design.

My current day job is only three days a week so it's giving me extra two days to work on my projects. And the way I was kicked out from now-SJWarriorized roguelike "scene" has given me more motivation to show what real roguelikes are when you know exactly what you are doing. This SJW/woke thing is also happening in commercial game development scene which is causing really funny things to happen like companies hiring so crappy developers they can't even create anything. Companies end up losing tons of money and I'm just watching it and eating popcorns.

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